Coaching on Demand

Help When YOU Need It

As a quality & food safety professional, you always have times when you think: "I would like to discuss this with an expert." Or you wonder how best to tackle a difficult problem and would like to discuss this with an experienced person.

Food Safety Experts' Coaching on Demand program gives you unlimited access to our experts for a year, when you need it.

This way you are able to address every challenge you face with confidence and based on international best practices.

Every coaching call is online and lasts 30 minutes and is fully confidential. If the problem is too complex for one call, we divide it into smaller pieces over several calls.


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DETAILS Coaching on Demand

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  • Cost - Benefit

    For Coaching on Demand you only pay one annual amount of $ 1997 or $183 for 12 months in a row (depending on your choice).
    With a coach of our level, you would typically only get one day of coaching for this price.
    However, the Coaching on Demand program gets you unlimited access to 1-on-1 online coaching sessions of 30 minutes each. This good investment is clearly a No-brainer!

  • Experienced Coach

    All coaching sessions are conducted by an experienced coach, who in most cases will be able to help you immediately.
    In case this is not possible, the coach will search for the answer you need, if necessary from external experts.
    If your question is too big for 30 minutes, we will split it up over several coaching sessions.
    This way you always get answers to your questions and a solution to your challenges.

  • Duration & Frequency

    We know from experience that the majority of questions and problems can be answered in 30 minutes, which is why a coaching call takes 30 minutes.
    You can always book a new call with your coach 2 weeks in advance, so that you always receive the help you need in the short term.
    However, we cannot always guarantee that you can still book a call on the same day.


Test Drive Coaching On Demand

We appreciate that you might have more questions on the Coaching On Demand program.

Using the button below, you can schedule a 30 minute appointment with us, during which we can discuss all the details of the program. At the same time, we also invite you to bring a topic to the table that you would like to receive coaching on. You can test drive the program for free this way!

If it is helpful, we also invite you to bring along your boss. In preparation, you might want to get a detailed proposal first, which we can send to you if you fill out this form.

Typical Examples & Experience

Here are some examples of questions we answered for our customers

  • Challenge Tests

    A customer requested help on creating a proper dossier for challenge tests for ready to eat foods in order to submit these to the food safety authorities.

    We are able to help the customer define the right test plan and direct the customer to a proper, capable laboratory for performing the required tests.

    Afterwards we even helped the customer in reviewing the report before it was sent to the authorities. The challenge tests were approved by the authorities and the customer was very satisfied.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    A customer had difficulties in interpreting environmental monitoring information and establishing a sound improvement plan for the overall hygiene in the factory.

    We helped the customer to define an adaptive environmental monitoring approach, which give more insight than the original plan and even cost less to the organization.

    Based on the insights gained in a period of 3 months, the customer was then able, with our help, to define appropriate actions that improved the overall hygiene performance.

  • Broad Experience

    We have experience in a wide range in the (international) food industry, both at operational level as (senior) management level - including, but not limited to:

    dairy, infant nutrition, meat processing, poultry, fish, ready-to-eat, nutriceuticals, beverages, ice cream, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, bakery, beer, wine and even pharmaceuticals.

    We have experience in all aspects of quality management, ranging from HACCP, product labeling, internal audits, supplier quality management, recall management and effective management reviews and much, much more.

Food & Beverage Technology Review

We have been selected as a Top 10 Service Provider in 2020 for Food Safety by:

Who Is This For?

You want to make sure that this is the right program for you

  • Junior

    As a junior quality and food safety professional you can certainly use an experienced coach at your side, who can help you overcome issues and point you in the right direction.

    You will display a much stronger performance in your job and act with more confidence, knowing that your work is sound and based on proven solutions.

  • Medior

    As a medior quality and food safety professional, you will of course have a sound base to build on. But still, there might be areas where you feel less secure. Also, you will be faced with some tough problems from time to time.

    Having a coach at your side will help you discuss problems in sufficient detail and get to the right solution in an efficient way. You will truly shine as a strong professional in your organization.

  • Senior

    As a senior quality and food safety professional, you might encounter a wide range of challenges from product related issues, team dynamics to stakeholder management.

    Having a coach at your side who quickly understands the intricate details of any situation, and can act as a valuable sparring partner, is a crucial asset for your career. You will be seen as a true leader, by taking decisive action - based on profound insights.

Payment Options

You can choose to pay in one go or in 6 monthly installments.