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Do You Feel Like You Have This Humongous Task For Your Organization To Get FSMA Compliant?

Looking at all the detail which is in the various FSMA rules you, like almost everybody else, cannot but feel overwhelmed. Do you have no clue where to start? Are you frustrated already just by looking at the task at hand and almost afraid and anxious about what you're going to do?

If your company would face severe penalties or even closure for several weeks if not months (in case your company is based in the United States) – what would that mean to the short-term survival of your company?

Or if your company gets blacklisted for 3 years for exporting to the USA – would that hurt your company’s profits? What is the amount of turnover your company generates with US-based customers? Would your company still be profitable if you would all of a sudden lose these customers?

FSMA Is Mandatory For All Food Producers

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a major overhaul of the USA legislation for food and feed production facilities as well for farms. FSMA consists of various rules and most of these rules are already in force or will become in force soon. The only area where the USA government has given some addition time towards compliance is in the area of food defence and intentional adulteration.

Are you responsible for quality and food safety at a food production facility? Are you located in the USA or producing products which are shipped to the USA? Then FSMA compliance is a must for your facility! Are you sure that your facility is 100% FSMA compliant? Facilities that are found not to be compliant in line with the compliance dates as published by the FDA will face severe fines and might be shut down.

The online FSMA Masterclass is the fastest and surest way to FSMA compliance. You won’t need to spend hours and hours reading through all the rules and searching the internet for resources to use. We have brought it all together for you in one, online course.

News Flash: FSMA Has A Global Impact!

FSMA also applies to farms and food or feed production facilities located in the USA or shipping food stuff or feed to the USA. The latter impacts a lot of facilities outside the USA. FSMA aims to safeguard food safety of all food and feed sold in the USA. Hence, it requires any producer or grower – also those who are abroad – in the ENTIRE food chain to follow the rules as laid down by FSMA. 

In detail this means that even if your facility itself is not exporting food products to the USA, but your customer (or for that matter your customer’s customer) is doing so, your facility still needs to comply with many aspects of FSMA.

Is your facility located in the USA or is your facility directly supplying food or feed to the USA? If the answer is yes, then FSMA compliance is a must. If your facility is located outside the USA and you are not exporting directly to the USA, are you sure none of your customers is either? If your facility ends up on the FDA black-list, exporting to the USA will be nearly impossible for the next 3 years.

The online FSMA Masterclass is set-up in such a way that it clearly distinguishes between facilities that are in the USA and those that are not – for the latter a reduced set of rules apply. So, by using the online FSMA Masterclass you will know exactly what to do and make the best use of your time and resources.

Here's Why FSMA Is So Difficult To Implement…

FSMA is truly one of the biggest changes in food safety related legislation of the last 50 years. FSMA consists of multiple rules and is an incredibly big piece of legislation with a lot of text and details to be interpreted. Just the shear amount of text puts a lot of people off from even trying to get FSMA compliant without using expensive consultants telling them what to do. 

Do you have difficulties to translate all the details of the various FSMA rules to your own organization? Next to understanding all the FSMA rules, the FDA has created a wider network of public partnerships, providing a lot of additional information which is equally complex as the FSMA rules themselves. This makes finding concise and easy to understand information even more difficult.

The online FSMA Masterclass gives a clear overview of all the FSMA rules in layman’s terms and brings FSMA down to its real essence. By following the guidance of the online FSMA Masterclass you can be sure that your facility becomes FSMA compliant, fast and efficient.

Are You Ready To Use The Online FSMA Masterclass to Become Compliant In No Time?

Most likely you’re thinking: “FSMA looks daunting and difficult to get your mind around, let alone implement without a massive amount of help. How can an online program do all that for me?”

Of course, you want to make sure that we know what we’re doing! Next to Food Safety Experts we also have a consulting and interim management business.  For our clients we had to follow all major changes in legislation in the countries our customers operate in. As a result, we have already followed the FSMA legislation for several years, researched all the material, implemented FSMA requirements in dozens of companies and have written a book on FSMA that will be published soon.

So, yes – we are knowledgeable on FSMA and are in the ideal position to help you through our online FSMA Masterclass course. Well -  let us explain why our online FSMA Masterclass is truly the easiest and swiftest way to FSMA compliance…

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