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Food Fraud and Food Defense


You Already Know The WHAT and the WHY of a Quality and Food Safety Management System - Finally, Here’s The HOW to make sure your Food Fraud and Food Defense is a priority and Management and the Shop floor know WHAT, WHY and HOW to Food Fraud and Food Defense is implemented at your facility.

This module is a part of the QFS Mastery Program. It's time to get this training started, and in this module, we will take you through the essential steps and practical strategies that you can do, to finally get your work done!

We will cover:

- Find out what your challenges are regarding your Food Fraud and Food Defense

- WHY is it important to have a good working Food Fraud sytem and a good working Food Defense system?

- Find out WHAT requirements you need to implement

- HOW to ensure that you have the right building blocks for your Food Fraud and Food Defense system

- Find out WHO your stakeholders are and how to influence them

- HOW to get everyone moving towards an effective Food Fraud and Food Defense System

and more.......

You will be amazed HOW simple it is to plan out your management system that your colleagues will absolutely love, that they are hungry and waiting to see the next steps you are going to implement and that will show your expertise in it's greatest light.

Your answers are all in this module!


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What You Get in this Mastery Module

Exactly the boost you need HOW to get to the next level!

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