Physical Contaminants

QFS Mastery Program

This is the third Module of the QFS Mastery Program.

You Already Know The WHAT and the WHY of Food Safety and Physical Contaminants - Finally, Here’s The HOW.

This Module is the HOW of Physical Contaminants. It will show you via step by step processes How to get the shop floor workers to execute your Physical Contaminants Program and HOW to influence your Management to see it as a priority.

We will cover:

- HOW to influence your stakeholders to give them insights in the Importance of Physical Contaminants

- What are the Typical Problems of Physical Contaminants and HOW to find and solve your problems

and more.....

You will be amazed HOW simple it is to plan out your Physical Contaminants Program that your colleagues will absolutely love, that they are hungry and waiting to see the next steps you are going to implement and that will show your expertise in its greatest light.

Your answers are all in this module!


Why Physical Contaminants Management Is A Challenge

Here are some of the typical situations you might recognize in your current Physical Contaminants Management:

  • Your Customer found a Foreign Object in your product - AGAIN
  • Management and Maintenance change the equipment or tools without consulting QA
  • You implemented CCP's and/or OPRP's on Foreign Objects and now you want to focus on Preventive Actions
  • In the PreRequisite Program you mention that preventive measures are in place and you know you still have challenges with these foreign objects
  • You received non-conformity on Foreign Object Management
  • You were facing a recall on Foreign Objects
  • You sound like a broken record... forever repeating to your colleagues to follow the rules - with little effect

And there might be many other situations in your facility...

... the question is: are you happy with your Physical Contaminants Management and what can you do to create a well-functioning preventive Physical Contaminants Management Program?

=> Join our Mastery and start making a difference in Physical Contaminants Management in your organization!

How to Safeguard Your Preventive Actions of Physical Contaminants

What is included in this Mastery Module Physical Contaminants

  • Required Level: Senior QA-professional / QA-manager

  • This Module is A Part Of The QFS Mastery Program. This Module Contains ± 1.5 Hours Of Video Lessons With Explanations HOW You Can Create And Implement A Successful Approach To Physical Contaminants Management. Explanations Of HOW To Use The Downloads That You Can Implement. Go To 'Bundle Includes' To See Which Video's And Downloads You Will Get In This Module. You will have two years access to all the video lessons and downloads. This will give you enough time to implement what is needed

  • Identify all relevant Physical Contaminants for your company. Create Your Foreign Object Heat Map

  • Identify all existing Preventive Measures of Your Facility. Know the major sources of Physical Contaminants

  • Identify and know in which areas Physical Contaminants occur and where the preventive actions might not be sufficient

  • Receive tips for Foreign Object control engagement of the work force

  • Have your business case build on your typical costs of Foreign Objects and know the investment to improve your situation

  • When You Have Finished All The Steps Of This Mastery Module You Can Download Your Certificate

  • As Part Of the QFS Mastery Program You Have Access to the Monthly Open Office Hours with one of our Coaches. During This Coaching Session, You Can Ask All The Questions You Have Regarding This Topic To Our Coaches

What You Get in this Mastery Module

Exactly the boost you need HOW to Upgrade Your Physical Contaminants Management System

    1. 1. Welcome and Agenda Module Physical Contaminants - Duration video ± 2 minutes

    2. 1a. Map - Have an accurate map at hand

    3. 2. Foreign Object Sources - Duration video ± 6 minutes

    4. 3. Prevention and Detection of Foreign Objects - Duration video ± 26 minutes

    5. 3a. Foreign Object Detection Systems - Duration video ± 8 minutes

    6. 4. Foreign Object Complaints and Investigation - Duration video ± 2.5 minutes

    7. 5. Identify all classes of Foreign Objects in Your Facility - Duration video ± 3 minutes

    8. 5a. Explanation Download Foreign Objects Classes - Duration ± 3 minutes

    9. 5b. Explanation Download Use of Macro's - Duration ± 1.5 minutes

    10. 5c. DOWNLOAD: Foreign Objects Classes

    11. 6. Create a Heat Map of all sources of Foreign Objects - Duration video ± 2 minutes

    12. 6a. Explanation download Template Head Map Foreign Objects - Duration video ± 2.5 minutes

    13. 6b. DOWNLOAD: Template Head Map Foreign Objects

    14. 7. Evaluate existing preventive measures - Duration video ± 2 minutes

    15. 7a Explanation download Overview Existing Preventive Measures- Duration video ± 2 minutes

    16. 7b. DOWNLOAD: Overview existing preventive measures

    17. 8. How to have and keep a clean environment and stop the Maintenance Department from being a bringer of Foreign Objects - Duration video ± 1 minutes

    18. 8a. DOWNLOAD: Presentation 5S

    19. 9. Evaluate the existing detection systems and whether you need to have more - Duration video ± 2.5 minutes

    20. 9a Explanation download Foreign Object related CCP/OPRP Evaluation matrix - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    21. 9b. DOWNLOAD: Foreign Object related CCP / OPRP evaluation matrix

    22. 10. How to create engagement of the work force regarding Foreign Object controls - Duration video ± 2 minutes

    23. 10a. DOWNLOAD: Overview Tips for Foreign Object control engagement of the work force

    24. 11. How to create a Business Case with realistic annual costs - Duration video ± 4.5 minutes

    25. 11a. Explanation download Foreign Object Business Case - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    26. 11b. DOWNLOAD: Foreign Object Cost Estimation Tool

    27. 12. Stakeholder management done the right way - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    28. 12a. Explanation video Checklist Stakeholder Management - Duration video ± 3 minutes

    29. 12b. DOWNLOAD: checklist Stakeholder management

    30. 13. How to get everyone moving towards an effective approach of Physical Contaminants - Duration video ± 10 minutes

    31. 13a. DOWNLOAD: Project Plan template for an Effective approach of Your Physical Contaminants

    32. 14. How to use and create your time line towards an effective approach of Physical Contaminants? - Duration video ± 1,5 minutes

    33. 14a. DOWNLOAD: Time line template to manage the effective approach of your Physical Contaminants

    34. 15. What is next? - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    35. Monthly Open Office Hour / Hora mensual de oficina abierta / Maandelijks open kantooruur

    36. Evaluation Of This Module

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