How to create and implement a well-functioning Personal Hygiene Management Program

QFS Mastery Module

  • Required Level: Senior QA-professional / QA-manager / QC-manager

  • This Module is A Part Of The QFS Mastery Program. This Module Contains ± 2 Hours Of Video Lessons With Explanations HOW you can create and implement a well-functioning Personal Hygiene Management Program. And Explanations of HOW to use the downloads that you can implement. You have 1 year access to all the video lessons and downloads. This will give you enough time to implement what is needed

  • As Part Of this Module You Have Three times a Half-Hour one-on-one coaching session with one of our Coaches. During This Coaching Session, You Can Ask All The Questions You Have Regarding This Topic To Our Coaches

  • Subtitles for Video's are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Downloads are available in the following languages: English, Spanish and Dutch

  • Understand the Importance of Personal Hygiene. Know the typical problems of zoning and connecting with routing

  • Learn HOW to get the Right Level of Gowning Everywhere

  • Know the Frequent Personal Hygiene Measures Issues and HOW You can Address these

  • Know WHAT to Discuss with Management in terms of creating a Sense of Urgency and Convince them with Deeper Insights

  • Have clarity on HOW You are going to Engage Everybody to show the Right Behavior in terms of Personal Hygiene. Have a clear Route Forward to start working on Improving the Personal Hygiene Situation and Management.

  • Learn Which Improvements You can make in Your Work to get Food Safety on a Higher Level. Learn HOW to INFLUENCE Your Stakeholders. Learn HOW You and Your Colleagues can Implement Improvements on a Project Management basis

Why Personal Hygiene Management is a challenge

Here are some of the typical situations you might recognize in your current Personal Hygiene Management:

  • You sound like a broken record... for ever repeating to your colleagues to follow the rules - with little effect
  • The Personal Hygiene rules are not in line with the time colleagues have to get from A to B, and hence are not followed
  • Management and Maintenance change the environment without consulting QA
  • QA acts as a police officer
  • You throw away a lot of coveralls and don't know what you can change without compromising food safety
  • You are not happy with the current Personal Hygiene Management
  • Top management and shop floor are not on board and do not embrace the Personal Hygiene Management
  • Your facility is situated in a brown field. You don't know how to you implement zoning
  • You received non-conformity on Personal Hygiene Management

And there might be many other situations...

... the question is: are you happy with your Personal Hygiene Management and what can you do to create a well-functioning Personal Hygiene Management Program?

=> Join our Mastery Module and start making a difference in Personal Hygiene Management in your organization!

Personal Hygiene Management

QFS Mastery Module

It is time to create and implement a well-functioning Personal Hygiene Management Program!

QFS Mastery Module: Personal Hygiene Management

This Module contains video lessons with hands-on tools and downloads to help you to map out your actions in order to create and implement a well-functioning Personal Hygiene Management within weeks.  

By implementing our road map, you will get more visibility of your Personal Hygiene Management system in your organization. 

People will use the Personal Hygiene Management system when they can understand the information easily. The Personal Hygiene Management system will be owned by everyone in your organization via the process which we will teach you during the workshop. And you will be seen as an EXPERT in your field.

The price of this Module is $349.00 (± €330,-), and it includes one year access to the video lessons, templates and all the downloads via the Food Safety University. After following all steps you can download your certificate.

Are you facing a hurdle while implementing all you have learned? During this year you can schedule three times a one-on-one Zoom-call of 30 minutes with one of the Coaches of Food Safety Experts. You can schedule the meeting when you need it!

Personal Hygiene Management

QFS Mastery Module

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What You Get In This Mastery Module

Exactly the boost you need HOW to get to the next level!

    1. 1. Welcome and Agenda Module - Duration video ± 1 minutes

    2. 2. The importance of Personal Hygiene - Duration video ± 6 minutes

    3. 2a. DOWNLOAD: Template Presentation Important Aspects To Convince Your Stakeholders

    4. 3. Personal Hygiene Management Building Blocks - Duration video ± 2.5 minutes

    5. 4. Connection Zoning People and Materials - Duration video ± 11 minutes

    6. 5. What are the Typical Problems of Zoning in Brown field and Green field situations? - Duration video ± 7 minutes

    7. 5a. DOWNLOAD: Zoning and Routing Problem Checklist

    8. 6. Typical Gowning Issues - Duration video ± 11 minutes

    9. 6a. How to get the Right Level of Gowning Everywhere? - Duration video ± 9 minutes

    10. 6b. Explanation Download: Gowning Decision Matrix - Duration video ± 3.5 minutes

    11. 6c. DOWNLOAD: Gowning Decision Matrix

    12. 7. Personal Hygiene Measures - Aspects to Consider - Duration video ± 17 minutes

    13. 7a. Frequent Personal Hygiene Measures issues and How to Address These - Duration video ± 10 minutes

    14. 7b. Explanation Download: Personal Hygiene Measures Effectiveness - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    15. 7c. DOWNLOAD: Checklist on Personal Hygiene Measures Effectiveness

    16. 8. Training and Communication for Personal Hygiene - Duration video ± 7 minutes

    17. 8a. Training and Communication - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    18. 8b. Explanation Download: Excel file Training Communication Plan - Duration video ± 2.5 minutes

    19. 8c. DOWNLOAD: Training and Communication Plan

    20. 9. Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation for Personal Hygiene - Duration video ± 8 minutes

    21. 10. Discipline - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    22. 11. Explanation video Checklist Stakeholder Management - Duration video ± 3 minutes

    23. 11a. DOWNLOAD: checklist Stakeholder management

    24. 12. How to get everyone moving towards an effective Personal Hygiene Management system - Duration video ± 10 minutes

    25. 12a. DOWNLOAD: Project Plan template for upgrading your Personal Hygiene Management system

    26. 13. How to use and create your time line to upgrade your Personal Hygiene Management system? - Duration video ± 1,5 minutes

    27. 13a. DOWNLOAD: Time line template to manage the upgrade of the Personal Hygiene management system

    28. 14. What is next - Duration video ± 3 minutes

    29. Coaching: One-on-One Coaching Session (three times 30 minutes when you need it!)

    30. Evaluation Of This Module

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  • $349.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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