How to Improve Your Microbiological Contaminants and be more prepared

What is included in this Mastery Module Microbiological Contaminants

  • Required Level: Senior QA-professional / QA-manager / QC-manager

  • This Module is A Part Of The QFS Mastery Program. This Module Contains ± 2 Hours Of Video Lessons with a clear explanation on HOW to Improve Your Microbiological Contaminants Program. The module also contains Useful Downloads which you can implement - go To 'Bundle Includes' to See which video's and downloads are included. You will have 1 year access to all the video lessons and downloads. This will give you enough time to implement what is needed.

  • Subtitles for Video's are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Downloads are available in the following languages: English, Spanish and Dutch

  • WHAT are the Microbiological Principles

  • Learn HOW to Determine the Microbiological Risks in Raw Materials

  • Learn HOW to Perform Microbiological Modelling

  • Learn HOW to Perform Finished Product Monitoring

  • Learn HOW to Perform Microbiological Troubleshooting

  • When you have finished all the steps of the Workshop you can download your Certificate as proof of learning. As Part Of this Module You Have Three times a Half-Hour one-on-one coaching session with one of our Coaches. During This Coaching Session, You Can Ask All The Questions You Have Regarding This Topic To Our Coaches

Why Microbiological Contaminants Is A Challenge

Here are some of the typical situations you might recognize in your current  Microbiological Contaminants approach:

  • Your Purchase Department decided to select new suppliers and now you need to update your Microbiological overview - AGAIN
  • Your Sales Department decided to sell new end products and now you need to proof that your end products are Microbiological safe - AGAIN
  • According to the Authorities you need to perform Microbiological Modelling and to perform Challenge Tests - AGAIN
  • The Laboratory found a Microbiological issue. You need to perform an investigation and start troubleshooting - AGAIN

And there might be many other situations in your company...

... the question is: How functional  is your Microbiological Contaminants approach? Is everything working properly? Are you 100% sure you are not heading towards a knock out or a major issue with a customer?

=> Join our Mastery Module and start making a difference in a proper working Microbiological Contaminants approach in your organization!

Microbiological Contaminants

QFS Mastery Module

Let's start with Upgrading Your Approach for Microbiological Contaminants to a Higher Level!

QFS Mastery Module: Microbiological Contaminants

This module contains video lessons with hands-on tools and downloads to help you to map out your actions in order to create and implement a High Level of Your Microbiological Contaminants program within weeks. 

By implementing our road map, you will get more engagement of QA, QC, Research & Development, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Production and Management. 

People will use your Microbiological Contaminants approach when they understand why it is important and agree with how it needs to be performed in your organization. The Microbiological Contaminants approach will be owned by everyone in your organization via the process which we will teach you during the workshop. And you will be seen as an EXPERT in your field.

The price of this Module is $349.00 (± €330,-), and it includes one year access to the video lessons, templates and all the downloads via the Food Safety University. After following all steps you can download your certificate.

Are you facing  a hurdle while implementing all you have learned? During this year you can schedule three times a one-on-one Zoom-call of 30 minutes with one of the Coaches of Food Safety Experts. You can schedule the meeting when you need it!

Microbiological Contaminants

QFS Mastery Module

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What You Get in this Mastery Module

Exactly the boost you need to get your Risk Assessments to a Higher Level!

    1. 1. Welcome and Agenda Module Microbiology - Duration video ± 3 minutes

    2. 2. Most Common Sources of Microbiological Issues - Duration video ± 60 minutes

    3. 3. The Microbiological Principles - Duration video ± 19 minutes

    4. 3a. Explanation Download Quick Reference Card for Classes of Bacteria - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    5. 3b. DOWNLOAD: Quick Reference Card for Classes of Bacteria

    6. 3c. DOWNLOAD: Bad Bug Book

    7. 4. The Raw Material related Risks - Duration video ± 8 minutes

    8. 4a. Explanation Download Sampling plan for Raw Materials - Duration video ± 5 minutes

    9. 4b. DOWNLOAD: Sampling plan for Raw Materials

    10. 5. Microbiological modelling - Duration video ± 6 minutes

    11. 5a. Explanation Download of FSSP model - Duration video ± 3 minutes

    12. 5b. DOWNLOAD: FSSP model

    13. 6. Finished Product Monitoring - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    14. 6a. Explanation Download Sampling Plan for Finished products - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    15. 6b. DOWNLOAD: Sampling Plan for Finished Products

    16. 7. Microbiological troubleshooting / investigation issues - Duration video ± 7 minutes

    17. 7a. Explanation Download Quick Reference Card for Microbiological Troubleshooting - Duration video ± 4 minutes

    18. 7b. DOWNLOAD: Quick Reference Card for Microbiological Troubleshooting

    19. 8. Stakeholder Management - Duration video ± 3 minutes

    20. 8b. DOWNLOAD: checklist Stakeholder management

    21. 9. What is next? - Duration video ± 2 minutes

    22. Bonus: 3 times 30 minutes Coaching Session When You Need It!

    23. Evaluation Of This Module

About this Mastery Module

  • $349.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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“I found the workshop for ‘Effectively upgrading your QFSMS’ to be extremely helpful, clearly presented and provided many tools and guidance on how to strategically upgrade our QFSMS. The presenters Kitty & Rob were very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and eager to assist with any queries I had. I now feel better prepared for our imminent national business amalgamation. Thanks again!”

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