Guide Your Business Through Challenging Times

In bygone days, growing and managing a business was relatively simple. Our world was considerably more stable, and a business could develop a ten-year plan with clear end goals – and then simply stick to that plan. As a leader, you could concentrate on devising strategies and getting people to execute them without worrying too much about unforeseen obstacles.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the Coronavirus signals a new era. We’re now living in a world of strongly increased social, political and economic uncertainty, which affects businesses of all sizes, from large corporations down to sprouting start-ups. Not only that, but global society is experiencing a huge swing to a more digital way of working.

As a leader, if you want your businesses to survive these uncertain times, you’ll have to take charge of your own destiny and shape your own future. The Strategy Intensive of the Food Strategy Institute provides a step-by-step approach based on four essential components taken from our proven one-year Strategic Insight ™ Program.

As the name indicates, the Strategy Intensive is a four-week program, especially crafted for business leaders in the food industry who need to steer their business through the challenges introduced by the Coronavirus pandemic. In a four-week period, as a leader, you will dive deeply into the following topics:

► Mitigating risks and challenges to safeguard stability in your business

► Exploring opportunities to increase the bottom-line performance

► Getting deep insights into the team dynamics of your top team

► Bringing all insights together and creating a clear route forward

Strategy Intensive Explained

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The Strategy Intensive starts on the first Monday of each month, and lasts for four weeks. Each Monday the participants will get access to that week’s online learning module. In each module all the concepts are clearly explained, including all relevant downloads and a profound short-term implementation plan. Based on the module content, the participants will execute their implementation plan before the end of the week. Over the weekend, the Food Strategy Institute team will review all the progress made and on Monday and Tuesday in the following week, each participant will have a fully confidential, one-on-one online call with one of our executive advisors. During the call the results will be discussed in detail, ensuring each participant gets maximum value out of the program.

This is NOT a program to sit back and relax. The Strategy Intensive, requires you to invest at least one day per week in learning new concepts, executing the implementation plan and discussing the progress made with one of our executive advisors.

Your investment for the Strategy Intensive is $5,000. This might sound like a lot, but consider that within the 4 weeks you should be able to identify savings equating to at least 1% of your company's top line and the strategic actions should deliver at least 0.1% of that value in the short term, making it a sound investment with a very short pay-back time.


1. Effectively lead your organization through these challenging times and stay financially healthy

2. Base your decisions on profound insights in your business and external factors, seizing the opportunities that emerge

3. Be the efficient leader that creates structures and processes to address organizational challenges

4. Bring a clear strategic plan to the table for the next six to twelve months and execute on it with rigor

All You Need At Your Fingertips

  • Ready-To-Use Templates

    All the templates that you need are there and ready to use. Even the surveys have been pre-configured for you - we even provide you with the analysis data.

    You can really focus on adding value in doing the deep thinking with a small team.

  • To-The-Point Video Lessons

    Each week you will start by watching a few, brief and to-the-point video lessons that explain exactly what you need to do during the week.

    None of your time will be wasted by watching content that is not relevant, so you maximize your time in adding value.

  • Expert Feedback & Support

    We will evaluate the work you have done over the weekend and during the one-on-one call on Monday or Tuesday, we will help to sharpen insights.

    We will help you select the strategic direction and actions that deliver results in the short term.


We are 100% certain this program will be of tremendous value to you and your business. We are even so sure that we will refund your money, if within 3 months after the program you have not yet recovered your investment. Of course, we will only do so if you have actively participated all four weeks in the program and have taken heed of our advice given during the weekly calls.

If you feel the Strategy Intensive might be the exact thing you and your company need today, we invite you to schedule a call with us. During the call we will explore your situation and whether or not there is a fit. We are open and direct, we will tell you whether there is a fit or not. If there is no fit, we will even direct you to the right people who can help you. That is our commitment to your success!


  • Week 1- Module 1: Risk Insight & Mitigation
    Deeply understand all the risks and challenges your business is facing and develop strategies to mitigate these.

  • Week 2 - Strategy Call 1
    Discuss your insights and plans with your dedicated executive advisor and really sharpen the saw.

  • Week 2 - Module 2: Profit Insight & Opportunities
    Understand in what parts of your business you have opportunities to be more profitable.

  • Week 3- Strategy Call 2
    Discuss the opportunities you see with your dedicated executive advisor and discover even more.

  • Week 3 - Module 3: Team Insight & Capabilities
    Gain profound insight in your top team and learn what leadership aspects are crucial for you and your team.

  • Week 4t - Strategy Call 3
    Discuss your plans to strenghten your team and organization and dive deeper into this with your dedicated executive advisor.

  • Week 4 - Module 4: Future Insight & Strategic Plan
    Based on the insights of previous modules create your compelling strategic plan.

  • Week 5 - Strategy Call 4
    Together with your dedicated executive advisor you will further sharpen your strategic plan and discuss the implementation into your business.

A brief note about payments...

Normally for services like this, we prefer to have a credit card or PayPal payment set-up (which we can do during or after our call).

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, that's fine as well. We will send you an invoice which needs to be paid within 7 days and ultimately prior to commencing the program.

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