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Chemical Contaminants and Pesticides

  • Access to the Training for 1 year. This will give You enough Time to Implement the Provided Information

  • This Training is between 50 minutes

  • WHAT are the Most Common Sources of Chemical Contaminants

  • WHAT Chemical Contaminants of Your Raw Materials Do You Need To Look Out For

  • WHAT Process related Contaminants Do You Need To Look Out For

  • WHAT Packaging Contaminants Do You Need To Look Out For

  • WHAT Factory Environment Chemicals Do You Need to Look Out For

  • WHAT Chemical Contaminants Can You Get With Insufficient or Ineffective Cleaning. And WHAT Chemical Contaminants Can you Get with Leakages and Preventive Maintenance

  • Chemical Contaminants and Food Defense

  • After Watching this Training You can Download Your Certificate

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    1. Chemical Contaminants and pesticides - Duration video ± 47 minutes

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