What is Included in the QFS Training Repository

Food Safety Trainings

  • This is a Repository Bundle with Food Safety Trainings. Every Month You will get Access to a New Training. Go to 'Bundle Includes' to see which Trainings are in the bundle And Which Trainings will be coming soon!

  • You keep Access to the Trainings as long as you are a participant of the QFS Training Repository. This will give You enough Time to Implement the Provided Information.

  • After Watching the Training You can Download Your Certificate. For each Training You have watched, You will receive a Certificate.

  • The Certificates can be used as Proof that You followed Training on these topics.

  • The Trainings are between ± 45 - 60 minutes each.

  • Would you like to watch the Training again? You can watch it as often as you like:-)

  • See Bundle Includes for an Overview of the Repository.

Bundle Includes

Here are all the Food Safety Trainings that are included in your bundle.

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