Why this is so important for you

Here are some of the typical situations you might recognize in your life:

  • You are getting food safety questions that are difficult to answer
  • You are facing food safety issues that are difficult to solve
  • You can't find the training you are looking for to give you deeper insights
  • You changed your job and now you need more and/or different knowledge
  • You want to learn more skills which will positively effect your productivity
  • You received more responsibilities, hence you need more knowledge
  • You got a promotion and you need to prepare yourself for higher responsibilities
  • You don't have an experienced supervisor or manager to learn more about your job
  • You are always interested in learning more about food safety

And there might be other reasons for you why training is so important for you...

The question is: How are you keeping your knowledge of food safety up to date?  Do you have all the knowledge that you need to be successful in your job?

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What makes this QFS Training Repository so Unique

Food Safety Trainings

  • You have access to all the training modules. Go to 'Bundle Includes' to see what is already included and what training modules will be available for you in the upcoming months. Our promise to you that you will get new training modules on a monthly basis. This way you will always get new topics that you can learn from!

  • All the training modules are Training on Demand. You can follow every training as often as you like. You can search for the topic that you need. You can follow the training when YOU want to follow it. You can follow the training WHEN you need it.

  • You get real life examples of food safety situations explained in an easy way. All the training modules are to the point, and have practical information for you, which you can apply straight away.

  • After following the training you can download your certificate as proof of learning

  • The Training Modules are between ± 40 - 60 minutes each.

  • You won't get this much value for a relatively small investment anywhere else!

  • NEW: As a participant you have access to the Food Safety Forum. The coaches of Food Safety Experts actively participate in the forum. Here you can ask all the questions you have. It is a community to develop, share and exchange knowledge on food safety, to learn from experts globally, and to share your lessons learned. This way we all help other quality professionals to improve food safety everywhere!

  • NEW: Every year you receive a coupon code with $199 discount that you can use for one of the live, online workshops or QFS Mastery Modules of Food Safety Experts

  • NEW: We share our list of useful online tools and websites - this alone will already save you an enormous amount of time searching for the tools you are looking for.

  • NEW: We want to make a difference in the world. We do this by donating 1% of our revenue to B1G1, in order to give access to food and water to those who need it most. As a client of Food Safety Experts you help people in need!


Our unique repository to help you understand Food Safety Topics

  • The total value of this program is $2,277:

  • - $99 (price per training)

  • - At the end of 2022 the Repository contained 17 trainings (value $1,683)

  • - At the end of 2023 the Repository will contain 29 training modules (value $2,871) - see 'Bundle Includes'. And this Repository keeps growing, so does also the value for you!

  • NEW: coupon code of $199 discount per year to get access to one of the live, online workshops or for one of the Mastery Modules of Food Safety Experts.

Additional Information

  • How to Implement Efficiently

    One of the challenges is implementing certification and legal requirements efficiently. How will you implement all the QFS Training Modules in your organization?

    Our QFS Mastery Program helps you implement every aspect within 1 month. You can cover all aspects in 2 years. For more information visit our website by clicking here

    If you are interested in a separate Mastery Module, you get every year a coupon code with $199 discount that you can use to buy access to one of the Mastery Modules. In the 'Welcome' email you receive the information and coupon code to upgrade your training for this year.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

    If you are looking for help to improve your total Food Safety program, you have various options:
    1. You can search the internet for hours - this will take you a lot of time and most likely will not get great results.
    2. You can hire an expert to work with you, this will cost you a lot of money as experts will easily charge $1000 per day or more.


    You can use the QFS Mastery Program to get a complete step-by-step approach with tools and templates. This way you have all you need at your fingertips and you can start making improvements right away.

How does this Training Repository work?

  • As soon as you buy access to this QFS Training Repository, you have direct access to all the training modules- except for those modules that are scheduled for the upcoming months. These are the modules that have a remark 'Pre-order available now' are scheduled for the upcoming months. Go to 'Bundle Includes' to see which modules are available for you and which modules will be coming soon.

  • Every month a new training module will be added to your QFS Training Repository. All the training modules of the QFS Training Repository start with FSExx. The numbers are chronologically. Go to 'Bundle Includes' to see which training modules will be added to your QFS Training Repository.

  • This is an ON DEMAND Training Platform. You can decide WHEN you would like to follow a training. WHICH training you would like to follow. HOW often you would like to follow the training. Just go to the Search option and type a name for a specific training you would like to follow OR click on one of the tiles to start the training module.

  • Sometimes you don't have the time finalize the training that you are following. You can pause the training and come back when you have the time to continue. At your Dashboard you have an overview of all the training modules that are available for you. In every tile you can see how far you are with the module.

  • After following the training 100% you can download your certificate as a proof of learning. We do not use exams in the QFS Training Repository.

  • It is always possible repeat or review a training module you have completed in the past.

  • Food Safety is a difficult topic. Every situation is unique. Every company is unique. However it is possible to learn a lot from other companies. There is a saying that many roads lead to Rome and the same goes for food safety. There are many ways to solve issues. Are you facing a hurdle, or are you having an issue, or would you like to help others improving their food safety situation? We hope you will participate in our Forum, if you don't want to participate in this Forum, that's okay. The Forum is here to help you.

  • Sometimes you need extra help. Maybe you have your answers via the Forum to go further. However in some cases you might need more help. As a participant of the QFS Training Repository you get a coupon code of $199/year that you can spend on a Mastery Module or the QFS Mastery Program. Small note: the coupon code is only valid for 1 year and for 1 product only per year. You will get a new coupon code every year as part of your membership.

  • A lot of information is free on the internet. However not all of the information is correct or helpful. We created an overview with interesting sites for you that you can use. This way you don't have to brows the internet to search for good information

  • We donate 1% of our revenue to B1G1. As proof you will receive a certificate and you can see on what B1G1 spend our donation. For more information on B1G1 please visit their website by clicking here.

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What our clients say:

“I use QFS Mastery Program of Food Safety Experts for my entire QA team at DFI Food Sourcing. The results have been beyond expectation - I have seen my team grow in a matter of months. We have a much bigger impact as QA in the entire organization and as a result saved our company a lot of money. The personal attention through coaching sessions has made my team even better and goals are achieved together.”

“I use the QFS Training Repository to stay up to date with food safety requirements, to get deeper insight in food safety and to learn from real examples. All the trainings are to the point and practical to implement. To have access to the Food Safety Forum and that the coaches participate in this forum is of a huge value for me.”

“Got new ideas on how to improve our current quality system even more”

Our Guarantee


The little voice in your head is probably muttering things like...

"This all sounds great"..."But my business is different and this won't work on my type of challenges and learnings I have"...

However, we will personally GUARANTEE you it will.

You see, if for some reason you try this QFS Training Repository and you are not convinced that this program is the right place for you, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days as long as you give us a clear indication why you don’t like our program.

Your reason why you would like to use this guarantee and your feedback will help us continuously improve our programs

Sounds fair?


  • Do you have a special offer for getting access to this training for my entire QA-department?

    Yes, we have. Please send an email to and let us know what you are looking for and for how many people you would like to have access to the training

  • Can I see the progress of my staff members?

    Yes, you can have access to the reporting tool to see the progress of your company and your staff members.

  • I bought access to this training, however I didn't receive a welcome email to access the training

    Often IT-departments block email addresses. Sometimes it is necessary to ask your IT-department to get permission to receive our emails.

    When you register for this training you will receive an email of

    Please check your spambox to see if you missed this welcome email.

    To be sure that you receive our emails add the following email addresses to your address book:

  • How can I download my certificate?

    After following the training 100% you can download your certificate via the Food Safety University. You will get a notification after completing the training

  • How can I reset my password?

    You can change your Password when you are logged in to the platform by chosing the "My Account" option by clicking on yoru profile icon. Form there you can select "Password" to change your password.

  • I forgot my password?

    If you have forgotten your password and are locked out of your account, you can trigger a reset password email right from your site sign in page! On the login page, select Forgot Password. Enter the email address you used to create your site. Click Submit. Check your email inbox for a password reset email with further instructions

  • I already had access to other courses. How can I access this course I just bought?

    You can use your login credentials for the Food Safety University. You will be directed to your Dashboard. Here you can find all of your courses that you have access to.

Bundle Includes

Here are all the Food Safety Trainings that are included in your bundle.

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