Why The CAPA-Process Is A Challenge

Here are some of the typical situations you might recognize in your current CAPA-system:

  • You receive the same complaints over and over - AGAIN
  • Your colleagues don't follow the Corrective and Preventive Actions procedure - AGAIN
  • Your colleagues don't complete the whole form, information is missing - AGAIN
  • Your colleagues don't know the difference between Corrective and Preventive Actions - AGAIN
  • You have discussions with management about responsibility and prioritizing actions - AGAIN
  • You are facing hurdles implementing your (updated) Escalation Process
  • You are facing challenges with your CAPA-system every day
  • If you hold an IFS certificate and need to meet requirements for Corrective and Preventive Actions like:
    • -> 1.3 Management Review, 
    • -> 2.3.10 Establish Corrective Actions, 
    • -> 2.3.12 Establish documentation and record keeping, 
    • -> 5.6 Product testing and environmental monitoring, 
    • -> 5.8 Management of complaints from authorities and customers, 
    • -> 5.11 Management of Deviations, non-conformities, corrections and corrective actions, 
    • -> 5.11.3 Knock Out KO10,
    • -> this training will be beneficial. It provides insights into the necessary actions and Best Practices, enabling you to implement and review the Corrective and Preventive Actions for your organization.

And there might be many other situations in your company...

... the question is: How functional is your CAPA-system? Is everything working properly? Are you 100% sure you are not heading towards a knock out or a major issue with a customer?

=> Join one of the workshops listed below and start making a difference in a proper working CAPA-system in your organization!

What makes this so Unique

Live, Online Workshop CAPA-Management

  • This is a 2.5 hours live, online workshop. You will get hands-on tools and downloads to help you to map out your actions in order to effectively upgrade your CAPA Management. Our Live, Online Workshop CAPA Management helps you implement this within 4 weeks!

  • You have direct access to all the downloads. Go to 'Bundle Includes' to see what is included. The live, online workshop will be recorded. The recording will be cut in smaller pieces and uploaded for you within a few days after the live, online workshop.

  • All the downloads are to the point, and have practical information for you, which you can apply straight away. During the live, online workshop you will already work with these downloads. Are you facing hurdles? You can ask for help immediately.

  • You have access to all the downloads and recording of the workshop for 1 year. If during the year, you face hurdles or you have questions, don't worry: help is there for you! You can schedule 3 times, a 30-minute, one-on-one meeting with one of the Coaches of Food Safety Experts. We will be there when YOU need it. All questions you have will be answered during these coaching sessions.

  • You won't get this much value for a relatively small investment anywhere else!

  • NEW: We want to make a difference in the world. We do this by donating 1% of our revenue to B1G1, in order to give access to food and water to those who need it most. As a client of Food Safety Experts you help people in need!

Additional Information

  • How to Implement Efficiently

    One of the challenges is implementing the requirements efficiently. How will you implement your CAPA-system in your plant?

    Our Live, Online Workshop CAPA-system helps you implement this within 4 weeks!

    During the workshop you will receive several downloads which you can implement in your organization. We even help you create your own implementation plan. On top of this, we are still available to help you after the workshop: you get 3 times a 30-minute, one-on-one meeting with one of our coaches as part of the deal. That's how committed we are to your success!

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

    If you look for help to improve your CAPA-system, you have various options:
    1. You can search the internet for hours - this will take you a lot of time and most likely will not get great results.
    2. You can hire an expert to work with you, this will cost you a lot of money as experts will easily charge $1000 per day or more.


    You can join our Live, Online Workshop for to get a complete step-by-step approach with tools and templates. This way you have all you need at your fingertips and you can start making improvements right away.

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Learn more about the Workshop CAPA-system To A Higher Level

How to Improve Your CAPA-system and get more Satisfied Customers and Happy Colleagues

What is included in the Live, Online Workshop

  • Required Level: Senior QA-professional / QA-manager / QC-manager

  • Maximum of 5 participants per workshop. Price per person $389. It is very important that all participants have the opportunity to ask their questions. By keeping the group small you get the most out of this workshop

  • WHAT topics will we cover during this live, online workshop:

    - Learn HOW to set up a thorough Complaint Management Process and Improve Your System.

    - Know HOW to prioritize your Corrective and Preventive Actions

    - Learn HOW to Create and Improve Your focused CAPA Management Process

    - Learn HOW to Create Your Escalation Process for Important Issues and Complaints

    - Learn HOW to perform a proper Root Cause Investigation Process

    - Best Practices for CAPA Management

  • As soon as you buy access to this Live, Online Workshop, you have direct access to all the downloads. Go to 'Bundle Includes' to see which downloads are available for you.

  • You will work on upgrading your CAPA Management system via the downloads that we give you. These downloads and all your information will stay on your computer. You will not share any information with the other participants or with the instructor. Everything you work on will only be visible for you - full confidentiality of your data is guaranteed this way

  • During the live, online workshop you will already start with filling out the downloads. We know that you need a lot more time to complete all the tasks, but at least you will know how to work with the downloads in detail. Our Live, Online Workshop CAPA Management helps you implement this within 4 weeks!

  • A few days after the live, online workshop we will upload the recording in the portal. It is always possible repeat or review this workshop you have completed in the past. You have access to the recordings 1 year.

  • When you have finished all the steps of the Workshop you can download your certificate

  • Bonus: CAPA Management is a challenging topic. Every situation is unique. Every Company is unique. There is a saying that many roads lead to Rome and the same goes for CAPA management. Are you facing a hurdle, or are you having an issue, or would you like to discuss your findings to get more insight in how to proceed? You get three times 30 minutes Private Coaching Sessions with one of the Coaches of Food Safety Experts. You Schedule the Meeting when You Need It!

  • We donate 1% of our revenue to B1G1. As proof you will receive a certificate and you can see on what B1G1 spend our donation. For more information on B1G1 please visit their website by clicking here.

Let's start with Upgrading Your Approach for CAPA-system to a Higher Level!

Live, Online Workshops 2023

This workshop is delivered as a live, online workshop, with hands-on tools and downloads to help you to map out your actions in order to create and implement a High Level of Corrective and Preventive Actions. 

By implementing our road map, you will get more engagement of QA, QC, Research & Development, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Production and Management. 

People will use your CAPA-system when they understand why it is important and agree with the how this needs to be performed in your organization. The CAPA-system will be owned by everyone in your organization via the process which we will teach you during the workshop. And you will be seen as an EXPERT in your field.


Reserve your calendar for this live, online workshop on one of these dates:

The price for attending the workshop is $389.00 (± €375,-) per person, and it includes one year access to the workshop recording, all the downloads via the Food Safety University and a certificate of Certificate of Attendance.

Workshop CAPA September 4, 2023

3 pm CET - 5.30 pm CET

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds


  • Do you have a special offer for getting access to this live, online workshop for my entire QA-department?

    Yes, we have. Please send an email to [email protected] and let us know what you are looking for and for how many people you would like to have access to the live, online workshop or for a workshop at your location

  • I bought access to this workshop, where can I find the Zoom link to join the live, online workshop?

    When you buy access to this workshop, you will receive a welcome email of [email protected]

    In this welcome email you receive your login credentials for this live, online workshop.

    You can log in directly to the system and follow the first training part and view all downloads. Please fill out the questionnaire before we start the workshop.

    You can also find the Zoom link to join the live, online workshop, as you can see at 'Bundle Includes'

    If you have questions, please send an email to [email protected]
  • I bought access to this workshop, however I didn't receive a welcome email to access the workshop

    Often IT-departments block email addresses. Sometimes it is necessary to ask your IT-department to get permission to receive our emails.

    When you register for this training you will receive an email of [email protected].

    Please check your spam box to see if you missed this welcome email.

    To be sure that you receive our emails add the following email addresses to your address book:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • How can I download my certificate?

    After following the workshop 100% you can download your certificate via the Food Safety University. You will get a notification after completing the workshop

  • How can I reset my password?

    You can change your Password when you are logged in to the platform by choosing the "My Account" option by clicking on your profile icon. From there you can select "Password" to change your password.

  • I forgot my password

    If you have forgotten your password and are locked out of your account, you can trigger a reset password email right from your site sign in page! On the login page, select Forgot Password. Enter the email address you used to create your site. Click Submit. Check your email inbox for a password reset email with further instructions

  • I already had access to other courses. How can I access this course I just bought?

    You can use your login credentials for the Food Safety University. You will be directed to your Dashboard. Here you can find all of your courses that you bought access to.

What You Get in the Live, Online Workshop September 4, 2023

Exactly the boost you need to get your CAPA-system to a Higher Level within 4 weeks!

    1. Questionnaire: What is your challenge with Preventive and Corrective Actions?

    2. 1a. Preparation video to watch before the Workshop Preventive and Corrective Actions: Complaint Management - Duration ± 50 minutes

    3. 1b. Preparation video to watch before the Workshop Corrective and Preventive Actions: CAPA - Duration ± 36 minutes

    4. Zoom meeting Workshop September 4, 2023 from 3 pm - 5.30 pm CET / 6 am PST / 9 pm EST (English)

    5. 2. Setting Up a Thorough Complaint Management Process - Replay video workshop available after workshop

    6. 2a. DOWNLOAD: Complaint Management Structure

    7. 3. Prioritizing Corrective & Preventive Actions - Replay video workshop available after workshop

    8. 3a. DOWNLOAD: Decision Tree For CAPA's

    9. 4. Setting Up a Focused CAPA Management Process - Replay video workshop available after workshop

    10. 4a. DOWNLOAD: CAPA Management Structure

    11. 5. Escalation Process For Important Issues And Complaints - Replay video workshop available after workshop

    12. 5a. DOWNLOAD: Template Decision Tree

    13. 5b. DOWNLOAD: Weekly Issue Monitoring

    14. 6. Root Cause Investigation Process - Replay video workshop available after workshop

    15. 6a. DOWNLOAD: Templates For 5 WHY Analysis and 6M Analysis

    16. 6b. DOWNLOAD: Template For FMEA

    17. 7. What is next? - Replay video workshop available after workshop

    18. Bonus: 3 times 30 minutes Coaching Session When You Need It!

    19. Evaluation Of This Workshop

About this Live, Online Workshop

  • $389.00
  • 19 lessons

What Our Clients Say:

“Got new ideas on how to improve our current quality system even more!”

“The fact that I can reach out to my coach at any point in time has been of tremendous value to me. I can bring any problem or question to my coach and get an answer that is pragmatic and realistic. This allows me to make improvements to any aspect of my job. It is a really great service!”

“I found the workshop for ‘Effectively upgrading your QFSMS’ to be extremely helpful, clearly presented and provided many tools and guidance on how to strategically upgrade our QFSMS. The presenters Kitty & Rob were very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and eager to assist with any queries I had. I now feel better prepared for our imminent national business amalgamation. Thanks again!”

Our Clients:

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Kitty has spent more than 29 years helping quality professionals become more senior in their jobs and grow to the next level. Kitty’s educational background is food technology. Kitty’s motto is ‘many roads lead to Rome’. Kitty enjoys guiding quality professionals in their work.

Kitty has personally experienced that some managers like to keep their employees “small” and do not want to invest in knowledge or help in overcoming hurdles. All too often, these managers cause their employees to become stressed. As an interim QA manager, Kitty has regularly been able to guide “damaged” teams to work confidently on food safety again, to believe in their capabilities and to stand up for themselves. Kitty enjoys guiding quality professionals and watching them grow as a person and as a balanced and experienced quality professional.

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Kitty Appels

Senior Instructor and Coach


Rob has spent more than 27 years in the international food industry and has visited over 72 countries for business. Rob holds and MSc in Physics and he also studied Econometrics. Rob enjoys combining his knowledge in quality and food safety with his passion of strategic management. Rob is a frequently speaker at conferences of IFC (Worldbank) and FI GLobal. Over the last 10 years, Rob has worked with a large number of Vice Presidents QA and QA Directors of multinationals, and he enjoys coaching and training quality professionals to help them getting more insight into food safety and how to influence management in their organization.

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Rob Kooijmans

Senior Instructor and Coach