Why having a job as a Quality Professional is a Challenge

Why this is so important for you

Here are some of the typical situations you might recognize in your job:

  • An incessant stream of issues prevents you from learning in a structural manner.
  • Issues that require you to spend valuable time and energy to find the answer only to discover there is no real training program to help you solve the issue, so you have to do it yourself.
  • Navigating interpersonal dynamics and effective communication becomes challenging, especially when trying to convey the importance of quality assurance to team members who may not understand or value its significance. 
  • You feel like you have to train and retrain shop floor workers and yet they still don't follow rules and procedures that keep you safe.
  • You can't find the right training programs for the knowledge you'd like to have - Or, the training you do find is so basic that it doesn't really help you grow.
  • You need an action plan and process that you can implement that will help you improve the organization today.
  • The training you followed only provides you insights in the WHY and WHAT, it didn't provide you the information to understand HOW.
  • You are under more pressure than ever to do more with less and to bring your team up to speed fast in a rapidly changing workforce.
  • You are struggling with implementing GFSI-requirements like IFS, FSSC22000 or one of the other standards.

All of this on top of all of the other challenges you have to manage daily....

... the question is: HOW? How do you get the best training for you - that helps you to be successful and get the results you want in your job and not just more knowledge?

The answer is the QFS Mastery Program. It's how you get predictable results from industry experts to power your results. It's HOW the best companies succeed. 

=> Join our QFS Mastery Program, and start your journey of continuous learning in food safety!  <=

What makes this QFS Mastery Program so Unique?

Food Safety Mastery Modules

  • Unlock all 12 QFS Mastery Program modules—detailed in 'Bundle Includes'—and select the Mastery that suits your needs.

  • Imagine you're tackling our Risk Analysis Mastery Module and an audit highlights issues in your Allergen Program—no stress! Switch to the Allergen Management Module, leverage our monthly coaching, and return to Risk Analysis when ready. It's learning made flexible to address your immediate needs.

  • Enjoy on-demand training with perpetual access to all 12 modules for the duration of your membership. Study at your own pace, revisit content as needed, and access your courses from any device, anywhere, anytime.

  • Gain actionable knowledge from real-world food safety scenarios with our Mastery Modules. Accessible and practical, each module comes with downloadable tools and video tutorials for effortless implementation. Achieve and maintain GFSI-standards compliance, including IFS Food v8, FSSC22000, BRCGS, and SQF, with our expertly crafted content.

  • Upon completion of each Mastery Module, receive a certificate to certify your learning achievements.

  • Each Mastery Module offers 1 to 2.5 hours of video lessons and 5 to 10 practical downloads for your facility, with subtitles and resources in English, Spanish and Dutch - French downloads arriving shortly.

  • Boost your soft skills with our thrice-monthly Open Office Hours. Join us for expert-led sessions, accessible via the Mastery Modules, to resolve challenges and refine your QA techniques. Check 'Instructors and Coaches' for coach bios.

  • Unmatched value awaits you at an unbeatable price!

  • NEW: Your enrollment supports global change — 1% of our revenue goes to B1G1, aiding food and water access for the underprivileged!

  • NEW:Take your learning mobile with the Food Safety University app. Get the Thinkific app, log in, and enjoy seamless access to your trainings on any device.

QFS Mastery Program

Our program is crafted to clarify the What, Why, and How, ensuring you can apply your newfound knowledge effectively.

The QFS Mastery Program is tailored to propel your success in quality and food safety.

The approach consists of 12 modules. All the modules are focused on the HOW of Quality and Food Safety and will show you via step by step processes HOW to get shop floor workers to execute your Quality and Food Safety programs and HOW to influence your management to see it as a priority.

Each module offers video lessons, actionable templates, best practices, and resources—plus targeted homework to address and transform your organization's specific challenges.

At the end of each module, you get a certificate as proof of continuous learning. Next to this you also have access to the monthly Open Office Hours. All questions you have will be answered during the online open office hour. The online Open Office Hours will be hosted by one of our senior coaches. Visit 'Instructors and Coaches' to learn more about our expert team.

Discover detailed module information in the "What You Get" section below.

Annually, you gain $12,588 worth of expert modules, resources, and support—time-saving solutions for your organization at your fingertips.

Access the entire QFS Mastery Program for just $349 per year—a small investment for substantial value..

QFS Mastery Program

You Already Know The WHAT and the WHY of Food Safety - Finally, Here's The HOW

  • How To Get Employees To Embrace Food Safety On The Manufacturing Floor
  • How To Get Management Behind Your Efforts and Ideas
  • How To Create A Culture of Food Safety In Your Organization
  • How To Continuously Evolve Your Program to Meet the Needs of Your Organization and its Clients
  • Contains Module 1 to 12 of the QFS Mastery Program

Additional Information

  • How to Implement Efficiently

    One of the challenges is implementing certification and legal requirements efficiently, not to mention navigating the soft skills essential for smooth collaboration and understanding within your team. How will you implement all the QFS Mastery Modules in your organization?

    Our QFS Mastery Program helps you implement every aspect within 1 month!

    Are you facing a hurdle? Just hop on the monthly Open Office Hours and ask all your questions to one of the coaches of Food Safety Experts.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

    If you look for help to improve your Quality and Food Safety program, you have various options:
    1. You can search the internet for hours - this will take you a lot of time and most likely will not get great results.
    2. You can hire an expert to work with you, this will cost you a lot of money as experts will easily charge $1000 per day or more.


    You can use our QFS Mastery Program for understanding all the basics and get a complete step-by-step approach with tools and templates. This way you have all you need at your fingertips and you can start making improvements right away.

  • Mentoring by Food Safety Experts

    Some situations are hard to change. And sometimes it is all overwhelming. Or maybe you need more support.

    Help is on the way.

    Join our Mentoring Program.

    Send an email to [email protected] topic Mentoring by Food Safety Experts and we will send you a zoom-link to discuss with you if Mentoring by Food Safety Experts is an option for you.

    Note, we only accept participants in this program that fit our requirements.

We Take Our Social Responsibility Serious

We donate 1% of our revenue to B1G1. As proof you will receive a certificate and you can see on what B1G1 spend our donation. For more information on B1G1 please visit their website by clicking here.

Results You can Expect

  • Successful Implementation

    You will be successful in implementing what you have learned in your organization! You will make effective use of your time by learning via this online platform. You will not only learn about the WHY and WHAT, but also the HOW. You will get hands-on tools that will deliver results for you.

  • Personal Growth

    You will receive 12 modules. Not only will you deepen your understanding of food safety and quality, but you'll also enhance your soft skills, crucial for effective communication and leadership in your role. You will learn a lot in a short amount of time and significantly grow in your job. With this holistic approach, you will increase your mastery of food safety and quality, and soon you will be seen as both a technical and interpersonal expert in your organization.

  • All Your Questions Answered

    You might still have questions after watching the video's and reading the downloaded materials. Or you might be facing some challenges and you don't know how to address these. Join the monthly Open Office Hour and ask your questions. We will provide you with all the answers your need!

  • Work More Efficiently

    You keep on learning and implementing best practices from all over the globe. The useful templates and tools that your receive will significantly improve your efficiency. You will get more done in less time.

  • High Return On Investment

    The return on investment is guaranteed: just preventing a single customer complaint will already pay for this entire program in most cases. This program will actively contribute to the profitability of your organization.

Discover the QFS Mastery Program!

Enhance your food safety expertise and elevate your workplace practices

  • Geared for seasoned professionals with 5+ years in QA/QC—advance beyond the basics.

  • Gain instant access to our complete QFS Mastery Program with the flexibility to select and proceed through any module at your convenience. Each module offers a clear explanation of the topics, accompanied by English-language videos with optional subtitles and adjustable speeds. Downloadable materials in multiple languages enhance your learning, allowing you to apply new concepts right away. Move through the content at your pace, with the freedom to focus on what's most relevant to you.

  • Encounter a new food safety challenge? Jump straight into the relevant Mastery Module and start tackling it head-on. Our QFS Mastery Program is designed for rapid problem-solving—complete a module and feel the urge to learn more? Dive into the next one at your own pace. With our focused modules, you'll quickly find solutions to a wide array of food safety issues!

  • Elevate your food safety standards with each module—identify risks, influence stakeholders, and drive improvements alongside your team using project management principles.

  • Boost your organization's food safety practices with our exclusive materials. Rest assured, your work remains private on your device, ensuring complete confidentiality without sharing data with peers or instructors.

  • Our ON DEMAND platform puts you in control—choose your training time, topic, and frequency. Simply search for a specific course or select a module to begin. Check out 'Bundle Includes' for the full array of Mastery Modules available in your QFS Program.

  • Short on time? Pause any Mastery Module and resume when convenient. Your Dashboard provides a clear overview of available modules and your progress in each.

  • Complete a module and immediately download your Certificate, valid for two years—no exams required. Collect certificates for each module to showcase your commitment to ongoing education, a requirement in many countries.

  • Food Safety is diverse and complex, requiring both technical know-how and soft skills to navigate unique company challenges. Learn from industry best practices and effective communication strategies. With our monthly Open Office Hours, get all your questions addressed by experts. Email your queries in advance to ensure they're covered.

  • We proudly contribute 1% of our revenue to B1G1—each donation is certified, and you can track its impact. Discover more about B1G1's initiatives by clicking here.

What our Clients Say:

“I use QFS Mastery Program of Food Safety Experts for my entire QA team at DFI Food Sourcing. The results have been beyond expectation - I have seen my team grow in a matter of months. We have a much bigger impact as QA in the entire organization and as a result saved our company a lot of money. The personal attention through coaching sessions has made my team even better and goals are achieved together.”

“The presentations were very clear, the structure was good. The files downloaded will be useful in my work.”

“I found the module for ‘Effectively upgrading your QFSMS’ to be extremely helpful, clearly presented and provided many tools and guidance on how to strategically upgrade our QFSMS. The presenters Kitty & Rob were very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and eager to assist with any queries I had. I now feel better prepared for our imminent national business amalgamation. Thanks again!”



The little voice in your head is probably muttering things like...

"This all sounds great"..."But my business is different and this won't work on my type of challenges and learnings I have"...

However, we will personally GUARANTEE you it will.

You see, if for some reason you try this QFS Mastery Program and you are not convinced that this program is the right place for you, you can cancel your subscription within the 7 days. We appreciate it a lot if you give us a clear indication why you don’t like our program.

Your reason why you would like to use this guarantee and your feedback will help us continuously improve our programs.

Sounds fair?


  • Do you have a special offer for accessing this training for my QA-department?

    Yes, we have. Please send an email to [email protected] and let us know what you are looking for and for how many people you would like to have access to the training.

  • Can I see the progress of my staff members?

    Yes, you can have access to the reporting tool to see the progress of your company and your staff members.

  • Can you arrange special Open Office Hours accessible for only employees of my company?

    Yes, we can set up special Open Office Hours - once per month - that are accessible for your company only. We will set up an arrangement for you that fits your company. If your company is located in several countries it might be useful to have Open Office Hours in different time zones. All depending on where you are located and how many people of your company will be joining this program. The arrangement for a special Open Office Hours starts at minimum of 10 persons of your company that are a member of this program. Depending on your wishes, we will set up an arrangement for you. No additional costs will be declared for the special Open Office Hours. All the information shared during the Open Office Hours will be confidential. If needed we can send you a confidential agreement.

  • I bought access to this training, however I didn't receive a welcome email to access the training

    Often IT-departments block email addresses. Sometimes it is necessary to ask your IT-department to get permission to receive our emails.

    When you register for this training you will receive an email of [email protected]

    Please check your spam box to see if you missed this welcome email.

    To be sure that you receive our emails add the following email addresses to your address book:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected].

  • How can I download my certificate?

    After following the training 100% you can download your certificate via the Food Safety University. You will get a notification after completing the training.

  • I forgot my password

    If you have forgotten your password and are locked out of your account, you can trigger a reset password email right from you site sign in page!

    On the login page, select 'Forgot Password'. Enter the email address you used to create your site. Click 'Submit'. Check your email inbox for a password reset email with further instructions.

  • I already had access to other courses. How can I access this course I just bought?

    You can use your login credentials for the Food Safety University. You will be directed to your Dashboard. Here you can find all of your courses that you bought access to.

  • How can I reset my password?

    You can change your Password when you are logged in to the platform by choosing the 'My Account' option by clicking on your profile icon. From there you can select 'Password' to change your password.

  • Can I follow my training on my mobile phone or tablet?

    Absolutely! Our training platform, Food Safety University is now available on your tablets and mobile phones through the convenient Thinkific app. Here's how it works: simply download the app from the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices). Once you have installed the app, a world of learning opportunities awaits you. Access your learning products, engage in collaborative learning interactions, and enjoy fast and easy access to the materials you need, anytime and anywhere. To access your trainings via the app, simply log in using your email address and password.

What You Get in the QFS Mastery Program

Here are all the Mastery Modules that are included in your membership.

  • How to Effectively Upgrade Your Quality and Food Safety Management System

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn WHAT the Typical Pains are of a Quality and Food Safety Management System.

    - Learn HOW to Identify the Pains of Your organization.

    - Learn WHAT the Requirements are of a good functional Quality and Food Safety Management System.

    - Learn WHICH Requirements are of Importance for Your organization.

    - Learn WHAT the Building Blocks are of a good functional Quality and Food Safety Management System.

    - Learn HOW to Build Your Functional Quality and Food Safety Management System.

    - Learn WHO your Stakeholders are.

    - Learn HOW to Influence your Stakeholders.

    - Learn HOW to Create Your Project Plan to Implement Your functional Quality and Food Safety Management System.

    - Implement everything you learned within 4 weeks!

  • How to Effectively Upgrade Your Personal Hygiene Management Program

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn WHAT the Importance is of Personal Hygiene.

    - Learn WHAT the typical problems of zoning and connecting with routing are.

    - Learn HOW to get the Right Level of Gowning Everywhere for your organization.

    - Learn the Frequent Personal Hygiene Measures Issues and HOW You can Address these for your organization.

    - Learn WHAT to Discuss with Your Management in terms of creating a Sense of Urgency and Convince them with Deeper Insights.

    - Have clarity on HOW You are going to Engage Everybody to show the Right Behavior in terms of Personal Hygiene.

    - Have a clear Route Forward to start working on Improving the Personal Hygiene Situation and Management.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • How To Create And Implement A Successful Approach To Physical Contaminants Management

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    -Learn HOW to Identify all relevant Physical Contaminants for your company.

    - Learn HOW to Create Your Foreign Object Heat Map.

    - Learn HOW to Identify all existing Preventive Measures of Your Facility.

    - Know the major sources of Physical Contaminants.

    - Learn HOW to Identify and HOW to Know in which areas Physical Contaminants occur and WHERE the preventive actions might not be sufficient.

    - Receive TIPS for Foreign Object control engagement of the work force.

    - Have your Business Case build on Your Typical Costs of Foreign Objects.

    - KNOW the Investment to Improve Your Situation.

    - Learn WHICH Improvements You can make in Your Work to get Food Safety on a Higher Level.

    - Learn HOW to INFLUENCE Your Stakeholders.

    - Learn HOW You and Your Colleagues can Implement Improvements on a Project Management basis.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • HOW to create and implement an effective Risk Analysis system

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn HOW to define the four Important Teams in relation to HACCP.

    - Learn HOW to select the right People for each of the four teams.

    - Learn HOW to perform a Raw Material Risk Assessment.

    - Learn HOW to perform a Risk Assessment in relation to Project Changes.

    - Learn HOW to run Production related HACCP team.

    - Learn HOW to perform the annual review by the Food Safety Management team, including Feedback to the three HACCP Teams.

    - Learn HOW to perform Your Stakeholder Management in relation to Risk Analysis.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • How to Effectively Upgrade Your Allergen Management Program

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn WHAT Allergens might be a Risk for Your Facility and Your End Products.

    - Learn HOW to Create your Overview of the Route Allergens take in Your Facility.

    - Learn HOW to Create Your Best Practice Cleaning Matrix for Your Facility.

    - Learn WHAT Your Risks are regarding Cross-Contamination in Your Facility.

    - Learn WHAT Your Labelling Risks are regarding Allergens in Your Facility.

    - Learn HOW to perform Your Stakeholder Management in relation to Allergen Management.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • HOW to create and implement an effective CAPA-system

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn HOW to set up a thorough Complaint Management Process.

    - Learn HOW to Improve Your CAPA-management System.

    - Know HOW to prioritize your Corrective and Preventive Actions.

    - Learn to Create and Improve Your focused CAPA Management Process.

    - Learn to Create Your Escalation Process for Important Issues and Complaints.

    - Learn HOW to perform a proper Root Cause Investigation Process.

    - Learn WHAT Improvements You can make to take Your Food Safety to the next level.

    - Learn HOW to INFLUENCE Your Stakeholders.

    - Learn HOW You and Your Colleagues can Implement Improvements based on Project Management.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • HOW to create and implement an effective Microbiological Contaminants Program

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn WHAT the Microbiological Principles are.

    - Learn HOW to Determine the Microbiological Risks in your Raw Materials.

    - Learn HOW to Perform Microbiological Modelling for your facility.

    - Learn HOW to Perform the Finished Product Monitoring for your facility.

    - Learn HOW to Perform Microbiological Troubleshooting for your facility.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • How To Take Your Chemical Contaminants and Pesticides Program To A Higher Level

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn WHAT are the Sources of Chemical Contaminants.

    - Learn HOW to Prevent these Chemical Contaminants.

    - Learn more about Pesticides Regulation and Sampling and Inspection.

    - Learn HOW to Perform a Raw Material Related Risks Overview.

    - Create Your Raw Material Related Chemical Contaminants Risk Overview via our Download.

    - Learn HOW to Perform a Process Related Contaminants Overview.

    - Create Your Process Related Chemical Contaminations Risk Overview via our Download.

    - Learn HOW to Perform a Chemical On Site Overview.

    - Create Your Chemical On Site Overview via our Download.

    - Learn HOW to Prevent Leakages.

    - Create Your Inspection for Leakages via our Download.

    - Learn HOW to Perform Troubleshooting.

    - Learn HOW to Keep Your Stakeholders On Board.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • HOW to create and implement an effective PreRequisite Program

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn HOW to Identify Your PRP's.

    - Learn HOW to Assess Your PreRequisite Program.

    - Learn HOW to Improve Your PreRequisite Program.

    - Learn HOW to Build a Business Case.

    - Learn HOW to Create a Sense of Urgency.

    - Learn HOW to perform Your Stakeholder Management in relation to Your PreRequisite Program.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • How to Effectively Upgrade Your Cleaning and Disinfection Program

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn WHAT the Zoning areas are.

    - Learn when to use which Zoning area in your facility.

    - Implement the Zonings in your facility.

    - Learn HOW to create your Cleaning Zone Risk Overview for your facility.

    - Learn more about the Cleaning and Disinfection details.

    - Learn HOW to create your Cleaning Performance overview for your facility.

    - Learn WHAT Validation and Verification Steps you need to perform with Cleaning and Disinfection CIP.

    - Learn WHAT Validation and Verification Steps you need to perform for Manual Cleaning and Disinfection.

    - Learn HOW to perform Troubleshooting.

    - Learn HOW to Influence your Stakeholders.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • How to Effectively Upgrade Your Environmental Monitoring Program

    WHAT topics will we cover during this Mastery Module:

    - Learn HOW to determine your relevant risks.

    - Learn HOW to create your Heat Map for difficult locations.

    - Learn HOW to Define your Sampling frequency.

    - Learn HOW to move towards a dynamic Sampling Frequency for your facility.

    - Learn HOW to define your Action Plans.

    - Learn HOW to upgrade your Environmental Monitoring Program via Project Planning.

    - Learn WHO are your Stakeholders and HOW to involve your Stakeholders.

    - Implement everything within 4 weeks!

  • Soft Skills for QA Managers

    WHAT topics will we cover:

    - all Mastery Modules contain Stakeholder Management -Leadership Development as QA Manager

    - Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

    - Motivating and engaging teams

    - Effective communication feedback

    - Performance Management

    - Building Resilience

    - Building Team Dynamics

    - Team task management

    - Organizational Change Management

    - Team Vibe Off

    - Burn out

    - Training and Skills

A Few Of Our Clients:

Our Mastery Modules have been followed by:

Instructors and Coaches

Kitty has spent more than 29 years helping quality professionals become more senior in their jobs and grow to the next level. Kitty’s educational background is food technology. Kitty’s motto is ‘many roads lead to Rome’. Kitty enjoys guiding quality professionals in their work.

Kitty has personally experienced that some managers like to keep their employees “small” and do not want to invest in knowledge or help in overcoming hurdles. All too often, these managers cause their employees to become stressed. As an interim QA manager, Kitty has regularly been able to guide “damaged” teams to work confidently on food safety again, to believe in their capabilities and to stand up for themselves. Kitty enjoys guiding quality professionals and watching them grow as a person and as a balanced and experienced quality professional.

Please connect with Kitty on LinkedIn by clicking here

Kitty Appels

Senior Instructor and Coach

Instructors and Coaches

Rob has spent more than 27 years in the international food industry and has visited over 72 countries for business. Rob holds and MSc in Physics and he also studied Econometrics. Rob enjoys combining his knowledge in quality and food safety with his passion of strategic management. Rob is a frequently speaker at conferences of IFC (Worldbank) and FI GLobal. Over the last 10 years, Rob has worked with a large number of Vice Presidents QA and QA Directors of multinationals, and he enjoys coaching and training quality professionals to help them getting more insight into food safety and how to influence management in their organization.

Please connect with Rob on LinkedIn by clicking here

Rob Kooijmans

Senior Instructor and Coach

Instructors and Coaches

Consultor / Auditor en Sistemas de Gestión de QA, Seguridad Alimentaria, Gerenciamiento & Evaluación de Riesgos.

Especialista en Aseguramiento de Calidad y Seguridad Alimentaria para industrias alimenticias y agro-industrias capacitado para brindar soluciones prácticas basadas en los más actualizados estándares de Seguridad Alimentaria.

Experiencia personal lograda durante 13 años de trabajo en compañías internacionales productoras de alimentos en Europa y Latinoamérica y más de 12 años trabajando para empresas internacionales de Auditoría y Consultoría en Gerenciamiento y Evaluación de Riesgos. Más de 400 días como auditor líder en empresas productoras de alimentos. Experiencia en desarrollo de co-fabricantes y capacitaciones en temas relacionados con Seguridad Alimentaria.

Conéctese con Luis en LinkedIn by clicking here

Luis Fissore

Instructor y entrenador (Español)

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